Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hold My Mail Please


Last weekend was a big one for Big A. Last weekend was Spring Festival the biggest most important car show of the season. I won't go into it but it was fun and Big A's car got to be in "Horse Power Alley", which is a huge deal. We had our mail put on hold since we were going to be gone from Thursday until Sunday. And when we got back I had 3 fiber-y things in the mail.

You might have also notice that I have a counter on the top of my blog. I'm trying to knit out of my stash so I thought a little cute counter would keep me honest, I put it up there after Stitches West. I have had to re-start it only once so far and I consider it to be an exception because JanaA on Ravelry sold me a skein of Strange Little Mama to replace my lost sock. You wanna know the best part? The skein she sold me is from the same dye lot. The same dye lot I purchased almost 2 years ago. It's a fiber miracle. Here is a picture:


The second thing that came in the mail was my second installment of the Rockin' Sock Club. This shipment is out of my color palette but the pattern is from the wonderfully talented (and funny) Yarn Harlot. The colorway for this shipment is called Gertrude Skein, very funny, and the pattern is called Rogue Roses. I casted on last night with this little voice on the back of my head saying it looks a little big, the voice was right, I'm frogging later. Here is a picture of the installment:


The last thing is one of the best, I traded a skein of Wollmeise sock club yarn. Yes I did, but I traded it for Wollmeise in a colorway I have been coveting since the day I discovered Wollmeise. This shipment came with two skeins of yarn, Orient and Okzident, here are pictures of each.



I traded the Orient (the orange one) for Krauterbeet which is "herb garden" in German. It is the most perfect green that blends into the the loveliest purple. It might look like the Okzident above, but it's not.


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Khalila said...

I have been busting my butt to finish the last toe on my Queen of Beads socks so I can start this new one. I love them!

Congrats on replacing your Vesper! Gotta love Ravelry.