Monday, March 23, 2009

Those Are Some . . .

. . . Damn Sexy Knee-highs!




I took these picutures myself so they aren't the best or frankly all that flattering, but this is what happens when there is no one else around to take pictures. I told ItShe that taking pictures of knee-highs while wearing them should be a new type of yoga.

I finished these in 12 days, but it was so exciting I couldn't stop. I knit the pattern as written. There are several mistakes in them (but really I could care less) but it's not the patterns fault, that would be the knitter's fault. But the pattern was great, the charts were wonderful.

I seriously want to make every single skein of Wollmeise into this pattern, it is taking a good amount of self restraint not to break-out the swift and crank away.

I been looking for the perfect pair of Mary Jane shoes for many years now. I wanted a pair that had a heel but not to high, cute not clunky, and comfortable. For a while I really thought that it wasn't going to happen and thanks to The Red Hot Knitter I found the perfect pair. They are Dr. Marten's, cute, heeled, not clunky, cute, and very, very, very, comfortable! I love them so much I got two pairs (thanks to Big A who bought one pair for me) black-silver and plain black! They show off hand knit socks wonderfully.


Khalila said...

Holy cow woman! Those ARE some damn sexy socks! And the shoes...I love them!

Prunila said...

they are great socks!!! WOW!!!

tasha. said...

We are so shoe geniuses with our comfy AND cute pairs! ;)

(Still loving the knee highs, va va voom!)

craftydiversions said...

Love the whole get up (1000)