Saturday, June 27, 2009

Got Molly?

I'm sure lately that there has been an increase the the word Molly on a few knitting blogs out there, and this blog is no exception. Why the increase you ask? Well the Wollmeise has come out with a worsted weight yarn to replace Lammdochtwolle which was also worsted but more like Manos or Malabrigo (single ply) with Molly which is just like her sock yarn (many piles) just a bit thicker.

I wanted enough Molly to make a sweater. Wollmeise sells Molly in individual skeins, 400 grams, and 800 grams (which I call an 8-ball). There are 220 yards in 100 grams so I ideally I wanted 6 skeins. I got 4 skeins in the update 2 days ago, there are a few sweater patterns out there that I could have made but I went on the hunt to see if someone wanted to trade Wollmeise Lace for Molly. Luckily there was another Ravelry and swapper that wanted to trade with me. So now I will have an 8-ball of Molly, very exciting. I just hope that the two dye lots match, I will probably sort them and then knit from alternating skeins.

I wish that the color I got Fliederbusch, which is Lilac in English was a little more solid than variegated. Because I found a lot of patterns with crazy cables that I would love to make with Molly but I think the color will clash with a complicated pattern (sigh). I imagine that it's the darker lilac that this yarn is in tribute to.

Now to find the perfect pattern which you would hope would be easy.

Also I had to re-start my "I Haven't Bought Yarn In" clock, I've re-set it twice both times for Wollmeise.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Favorite Thing (right now)

I got a chance yesterday to take my shawl outside while I was running around town, and thankfully I decided at the last minute to take my camera. I took a few shots of my new favorite thing outside and I thought I would share them.

And now on to very cute small lovely baby things. There are three babies coming up in 4 months, gotta get working on gifts.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


A.K.A. The Stole That Used to Scare the Shit Out of Me.

That's right I'm finished.
It's blocking right now. Don't believe me?
Here are some pictures.




This was a project that scared me from the beginning, but I always tell people that knitting is just a knit stitch and a purl stitch in different combinations, and that they should be the master of their own knitting. SO I took my advice casted on and I'm happy to report I finished it.

There were several tinkings but over all it was fine, except for a dropped stitch on the first half. I tried to fix it but it was really bothering me but I let it go because the edging it very complicated and it sucked big time to do it the first time. I convinced myself that it was fine, no one would see it and I would just have to get over it.

So when I finished the second side I was so proud, but my lame "trying to fix the dropped stitch" thingy was really bothering me. So I ripped the first half back to the patch, and re-knit it. The bottom edge is directional and the first half of the stole is a pain in the ass because it has a bunch of P2TBL. So if I had to chose I would have much rather ripped the second half, but that's not the side I dropped the stitch. This project is probably the most complicated I have ever knit and since it's lace I didn't fudge anything, if I had the wrong stitch count I tinked it, every time, and I'm so glad I did.

I calculated that the stole takes 61,714 stitches to complete it, needless to say that there were tinked stitches and the entire two bottom sections that I ripped out and re-knit so I figured I was close to 65,000 stitche, pretty cool huh?

I'm so excited about this project I can't even describe it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Mail Fairy Was Good To Me Today

Today the Mail Fairy was ever so nice to me.

First up Sanguine Gryphon in Bugga which is a merino, nylon and cashmere blend. People are going crazy over this yarn. I mean so crazy that the traffic crashes her site and she had to get a new server. And while her site was being move she decided to have a Bugga lottery. I didn't get picked in the first lottery but I did get picked in the second (and I think final one). There were colorway choices that you could choose from, two skeins total max.

The first one is called Hogwood Bonking Beetle, it's a bit darker in real life. This was outside my normal color box but I like it and with a name like that how could I pass it up.


The second one is called Agre Moth, this is more green/blue/dark teal in real life, the saturation is amazing and I can't wait to see what it becomes.


The next thing that I opened was a trade that I made last week. The great thing about trading is that both people get what they want and I didn't have to spend more than shipping cost to the other person (even better). I scored two Peppermint Prince (PP) lace skeins from the Wollmeise update that I caught, I figured I would just trade one for one of the purples that I was lusting big time over. I put in the note section of my stash that I would trade for purple lace. I didn't think anyone would bite, but I got a PM asking if I would trade my PP for a skein of lace in Fliederbusch (which was my number one choice). So I mailed off my lace last week and this is what I got today. I'm so in love with this colorway it's not even funny. It's so hard to capture the true color of this yarn, it's a bit darker in real life.


The next thing that came was the last installment of the Wollmeise Sock Club. Which come to find out from the Wollmeise herself will be the first and last sock club. There was too much drama so she said she didn't want to do another one, which is sad but totally understandable. The last two colors are Blue Bells and True Love. I love Blue Bells, I'm not so sure about True Love, I will have to find the right pattern for it I think.

True Love is on the top and Blue Bells on the bottom.


And last but not least here is the latest installment of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club. The colorway is called Pepe Le Plume and the pattern is called Fraggle Squiggle Socks by JC Briar. It was inspired by the old cartoon Fraggle Rock, I thought that it was going to be much brighter but the colorway is interesting. I haven't casted on yet, and I don't know if I will right now. Here is a picture of Pepe La Plume: