Monday, March 16, 2009


I have always loved knee-high socks, there is something about them. Perhaps it was all those years living in Boston where you get so sick on winter you try to coax sping to show itself by putting on a skirt but it's still to cold to bear your legs so knee-highs are the answer. I have a collection of argyle (another addiction I have) knee-high socks but I have really muscular calves which really add to the problem of finding knee-highs that will fit me correctly.

So I decided to knit me a pair of knee-highs. But not just a "Plain Jane" pair because I wanted to finally break into my stash of Wollmeise. I have looked and looked for just the right pattern to show off just how gorgeous Wollmeise really is and to do justice to the yarn. Not to mention I wanted to use as much of the obscene amount of yardage you get in one skein, 575 yards, yes in one skein (for what she charges even with international shipping it's one of the best deals out there). I had casted on about 3 other sock patterns with Wollmeise but it just wasn't working so I frogged them all. Thank goodness for Ravelry (for many reasons) I was looking at what people had made with their sock club color Jultomte and jenniepoo made these amazing Lakeside's within the first second of seeing them I knew I had to have them.

The pattern for Lakeside is in the Winter issue of Knotions e-zine, it was free but I would have paid good money for this pattern. There are 5 different charts, very clear instructions and genius too! The designer Julia Vaconsin has you cast on with live stitches so you can make a casing for a length of elastic to be secured inside to help the sock stay up on your leg, genius I tell you. I also did a picot edge like jenniepoo (she is one smart cookie). The back of the sock is gorgeous (go look at the pattern page there are tons of pictures) but it is very difficult to get a great picture (that is close to flattering) of the back of a knee-high while wearing them. I know there are a few mistakes, but really I noticed them way, way, way to late to go ripping back to fix them, so I'm alright with them, normally I'm not the kind to let a mistake go but now they are "custom" lol.

Here are some pictures, more to come once I can find someone to take picture of the back of my sock.



The only problem is I have to knit the other one so I can wear them in public, but don't think I haven't been wearing the one I made around my house!

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