Saturday, March 7, 2009

The First FO for 2009

Sad but true, my first Rockin' Sock Club shipment is my first FO for 2009. Normally by this time of year I would have had few project completed but 2009 has gotten away from me big time. Most of the time I don't do any modifications to the sock patterns that I get from the club but this time I really wanted to do the Momoftwins toe mod which is to continue the diamond pattern. I really liked it and I think it looks pretty good.

But at least this year I finished the first shipment before the second shipment got to my house. I'm excited to see what the next shipment has in store for us. A lot of people on Ravelry were talking about yellows, and as much as I don't really care to wear yellow in clothing I wouldn't at all mind a bright sunny pair of yellow socks.

Well here are a few pictures of my lovely beaded blue socks.



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