Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stitches West Part II

I promised pictures of the stuff that I purchased from Stitches West. I was trying to be very good and not spend a lot of money so I got 5 things, two of which were mill ends.


The first purchase was mill ends at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I got 2 skeins; one light and one medium at a super deal, no wonder people kill each other to get their hands on mill ends. The only problem is that the skeins are hung on a display that hold about 8 skeins of yarn and if you want the one in the way back you have to get the other ones off first. The lighting wasn't meant to penetrate 8 skeins back so a color you thought you wanted finally emerged from the way back into the light of the Market to be something you didn't want and now have to put back on the rack. ItShe was brave and when for the yarn on the bottom of the display, I seriously thought she was going to get eaten alive.

Here is the picture of the lightweight in what I think is Dutch Canyon. The first time I saw this colorway it was a few years ago and I loved it. I have been keeping this colorway in the back of my head because I didn't have a need for it but always wanted it. The reason why I said I think it's Dutch Canyon is because the mill ends don't have a colorway on the label.


Here is a close-up of the same skein:

The second skein was medium weight in what I think is Puck's Mischief. I was so taken by the color (it's so me, seriously you will see why in a minute) and I couldn't tell what it was (no colorway on the label) that I bought it. When I got home I tried to figure out what color it was which is kinda of hard since not all the colors are on the site at the same time. So I was adding the newly acquired skeins to the Blue Moon section of my stash and I hold it up to the two skeins I have in heavy weight and what do you know they are the same colorway - Puck's Mischief. Oh well at least I got a great deal on it, it's in a different weight, and I'm consistent right?

Here is a picture, the darker color on the top is more maroon-ish in person.

Here is the skein up-close and personal:

The next thing I bought was a darning egg from Knitting Notions. They are a lovely family company from TN that makes all their own wooden fiber accessories such as swifts, pins, nostepinnes, wooden sock blockers, and darning eggs. I read about them before I left and wanted to check it out. I wanted an egg made out of cherry or mahogany and when I got to the booth there was only one left in mahogany so I bought it.

Here is a picture off their website because I ran out of light here to take a picture, mine looks like #1 not exactly but close.

The next purchase was from Creatively Dyed. I have got to know Dianne through the wonderful world of Ravelry and it was nice to meet her and her husband (who she calls Superman, and yes he is super indeed). I wanted to buy something that was sort of out of my comfort zone so I got fiber instead of yarn (for when I start spinning) and I got it in a colorway that reminded me of the beach and sea glass.

Here is a picture of the fiber, it's 20% milk protein, 20% silk, and 60% wool:

The last purchase was at Webs I wasn't going to get anything else at the Market but there were special circumstances that pushed me over the edge. Before I left home I got the latest copy of the Webs catalog, there were two projects that I really loved. One of them was the Taconic V-neck sweater made out of Valley Yarns Williamstown. I wanted to touch the yarn and look at the colors myself since a few of them look very close on my monitor. The yarn was softer than I expected and really a very nice tweed (I'm a sucker for tweed). I picked color #14, it's sort of a purple/maroon.

Here is a picture from the Webs catalog (sorry it's a crappy picture but it's the one that is on their website) it is a deep V-neck sweater with cables that run down either side of the v-neck and down the center.

Of course Webs has great prices and I like most of their yarns and of course it's something that I could have gotten at a later date but there were reason why I bought this yarn at the Market this year instead of waiting. One, a bunch of us girls did a big group buy so we could all get 25% off. Two I didn't have to pay for shipping. So I got a sweater's worth of yarn which would have cost me well over $60 for a less than $40 which I thought was a pretty good deal.
Here is a close-up of the yarn:


So that does it for the Stitches West '09 purchases. Later I will post all the wonderful birthday presents I got while we were at Stitches and a few free goodies too!

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