Wednesday, January 28, 2009

World Domination Has Begun!

As previously stated I could not say no to this year's Rockin' Sock Club whose theme is World Domination Tour 2009. And today has reconfirmed the reason why I re-joined. First the designers this year are amazing, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Cat Bordhi, Cookie A., Melissa Morgan-Oakes, JC Briar, Ana Zilboorg and this installment is Sivia Haring. Second I wanted to join to expose myself to new things and new colors. And can I tell you that this month delivers.

The colorway is called "My Blue Heaven" and according to the Dyer Notes it is made up of sapphine, azure, colbalt, cerulean, indigo, turquoise, teal, navy, denim, cyan, prussian, periwinkle, and aqua.


The yarn is amazing the pattern is very nice and it includes beads, something that I have never done but was always interested in trying. This month we also got our standard mini-skein, a large oval sticker, the cover to a binder that we will decorate, a key chain, and a button, and of course the beads. Thank you Blue Moon!


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Khalila said...

Waaaaaa, I still haven't gotten mine! :( I'm dying over here!