Friday, January 9, 2009

In the Words of Carrie Bradshaw . . . . . . .

. . . . . "Hello lover". I realize that when Carrie says it she was talking to shoes that cost her a month's rent. But I really love them and I have been stalking them for a very long time.

fluevog hepburn red

I have been wanting a pair of Fluevog shoes for the last 10 years (seriously its been that long). But these shoes are so expensive it's not even funny. So I would go to the website and just look at them, and check on them every month to see if they had gone on sale (they had but were still sooooo expensive). Checked and checked again for months and months and then they finally went on clearance.

And get this I got the last pair in the country, in the entire country people. How do I know I got the last pair? Here is the story, I originally wanted them in red, but I take an 8 1/2, but the red 8 1/2 was sold out so I ordered them in black. When you place an order on the website it goes to the brick and mortar store that has the pair of shoes you want, in my case it was Boston. When you order you can have them contact you to help you with sizing, which I did and they told me these shoes run small and to order a size larger. I asked if there was a pair of size 9 in red, the very nice lady in Boston (her name was Eleanor) said there was one pair left in the country and they were in L.A. at the Melrose store.

And they were just delivered, I'm so very very very happy. And many thanks to my brother who sent Christmas money that made these shoes possible. You will never know how much these shoe make me happy.


tasha. said...

Ha cha! Those are quite the sexy shoes! I adore shoes like that but find they end up getting tossed aside for shorter heels or wedges. My mind wants me to be a sexy pin-up, but my feet apparently don't. ;)

CraftyDiversions said...

I am a sucker for red. Furthermore, am a bigger sucker for awesome red shoes. these are awesome.