Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rockin' Sock Club First Installment


My very first Rockin' Sock Club installment has arrived and I must say I love it! I have a passion for the color red and after reading that Tina was overexposed to red as a child (and as a result doesn't really love it, hence the reason there isn't a lot of just red colorways in Blue Moon yarn) I'm even more excited and honored that she did different shades of red. I love red, my alma mater's colors were Scarlet and White, GO BU! So I was very excited to see the shades of red.

The colorway is called Dragon Dance and it's inspired by the red of Chinese New Year. The patter is called Serendipity by Adrienne Fong and it looks lovely, a little lace pattern and an interesting heel. I also ordered the binder which came with notes from the Dyer, a Sock Gauge Diary, a sock journal, how to measure your feet, a work area and a log of family and friends and their foot measurements. Of course the package also came with 2 buttons, a sticker, and the ever so cute and smile-inducing emergency sock yarn skein.

I'm so glad and very excited to be a part of the club even though I'm not casting on, I think I will try and wait till school is over and keeping the installments until I'm done will be a nice reward for me in the end. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I can resist.

Thank You Blue Moon, I love it!!!

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Khalila said...

You cannot resist the Blue Moon. To resist the moon is to resist thy self. And no good can come of resisting thy self.

Sorry, I've been drinking. Hope school is going well. :)