Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where Did the Summer Go?

Seriously where did it go, if someone finds the rest of my summer please let me know.

Well the last thing I posted about was my Molly Kingscot sweater. I finished the back of it and I finished the left side with a lot of complications (knitter error, not pattern error). I've never knit a sweater with hand-dyed yarn so I never had to alternate skeins while knitting, and boy did it show. Between the cabling, chart reading, annoying bobbles, and alternating skeins there was a point where I thought I was just going to walk away in frustration. I didn't realize that when you cast on on the same side that you alternate you have to carry the yarn you aren't binding off (ask me how I learned this painful lesson). The top part of the left side almost killed me since there was binding off at different rates on both sides with the alternating thing, sucked, but at least I learned something. But as proof that I did finish the left front here is a picture (the color is not accurate, it's much more red purple). I have had a nice long break from this project and I think I might be able to handle the other side, so I might finally cast on for it. Also the word from the Wollmeise is that there will be no more Molly for sale (it was too costly to offer) so this will most likely be my only Molly sweater.

The second project is because everyone I know was having a baby this summer/fall. There were three baby boys on the way so I made three pairs of the ever so housebreakingly cute Moc-a-sock booties. The great thing about this project is they look like shoes and socks but they are one piece and you get to use up some sock yarn scraps. The first pair (cream socks) was for Baby Pearce, the second pair (blue socks) was for Baby Novak, and the third pair (Boston Red Sox) are for Baby Lebo (due any day now). The pattern was easy, it was fast and it was cute, you can't go wrong.

The third project I casted on and finished is my "Drop it Like it's Hawt" pooling scarf made out of a We're Different skein of Wollmeise in Pfauenauge (German for peacock feathers). A Rav friend is famous for her pooling stoles, and her pooling projects inspired me to pool my drop stitch scarf pattern I already had. It was great mindless knitting project because except for the first, second and last row it's all garter stitch. I knit it while watching TV, waiting in line at various things, Oktober-fest, and car knitting. The picture does not do the color of this yarn justice, the color is so much more deep in person. But I do have a picture of the finished project.

The fourth project is a basic pair of socks, I got the yarn for $2 a ball so these are my 4 Dollar Socks. The yarn is like Cascade Fixation but it's made by Knit One Crochet Two, it's called Soxx Appeal.

The last project was much more of an organizational move, but I'm proud of it none the less. I decided after some fabric crafts for the holidays that I need to get my fabric stash (which thank god is much smaller than my fiber stash) organized. So after about 3 hours of hunting it all down from all over the house, and folding for three hours and now it looks like this, I love it.

Last month I celebrated my sixth wedding anniversary in Boston, we went to two Red Sox games, spent time with old friends from college, hung out, ate some ridiculously good food, played with a 4 year old, went to a beer festival, went apple picking and generally had a wonderful time. Big A surprised me with a single tier replica of our wedding cake from the same bakery, it was delicious (but huge, it's was over 6 inches high) and I was so surprised.

And here is a picture of us and the Green Monster at the last game of the '09 season that the Red Sox's ever won, we had a great time.

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