Thursday, June 18, 2009


A.K.A. The Stole That Used to Scare the Shit Out of Me.

That's right I'm finished.
It's blocking right now. Don't believe me?
Here are some pictures.




This was a project that scared me from the beginning, but I always tell people that knitting is just a knit stitch and a purl stitch in different combinations, and that they should be the master of their own knitting. SO I took my advice casted on and I'm happy to report I finished it.

There were several tinkings but over all it was fine, except for a dropped stitch on the first half. I tried to fix it but it was really bothering me but I let it go because the edging it very complicated and it sucked big time to do it the first time. I convinced myself that it was fine, no one would see it and I would just have to get over it.

So when I finished the second side I was so proud, but my lame "trying to fix the dropped stitch" thingy was really bothering me. So I ripped the first half back to the patch, and re-knit it. The bottom edge is directional and the first half of the stole is a pain in the ass because it has a bunch of P2TBL. So if I had to chose I would have much rather ripped the second half, but that's not the side I dropped the stitch. This project is probably the most complicated I have ever knit and since it's lace I didn't fudge anything, if I had the wrong stitch count I tinked it, every time, and I'm so glad I did.

I calculated that the stole takes 61,714 stitches to complete it, needless to say that there were tinked stitches and the entire two bottom sections that I ripped out and re-knit so I figured I was close to 65,000 stitche, pretty cool huh?

I'm so excited about this project I can't even describe it.

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It looks great!