Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When This is Your View from Your Cabin Why Come Home?

Seriously, why would you come home? Well there are a few reasons; one I ran out of Euros (damn that conversion rate), two I missed my husband, and three . . . well there isn't a three. Did you look at the picture?

Well there was a good bit of shopping, but I don't want to post pictures before the people I shopped for get their goodies. But there was yarn, food, and lots of postcards. My favorite place was Venice (pictured above), and the food remarkable, the house wine even better, and having gelato once if not twice a day is the way to go, trust me.

I finished my Jaywalker pair of Italian flag colored socks, and started the France/Croatia socks, so at least I got some knitting in there. Pictures to follow.


Sugarbeestudios said...

Oh I'm jealous! So lucky you are to have such a wonderful view:o) Hope you scored some amazing yarns and eat some gelato for me!!!

Natala said...

Thanks for writing this.