Thursday, May 29, 2008

And We're Back

So sorry it has been a long long time since I have blogged, where should I start? Well I think the best place would be a short re-cap. Let's see there wasn't much of any knitting getting done around the end of the semester (that almost killed me). But I'm finally done with my course work (I won't have homework for the rest of my life!) and now it's on to my thesis in earnest, honest. There was a bit of knitting but no finishing, but now I'm proud to announce that there have been six finished projects since I last posted and 3 were finished in the last 3 days.

Let the FO parade begin!
First FO: Jelly Bean socks, so this is such a sad story, I started these socks somewhere around 2002/3? We moved from Boston to San Diego and I shoved them in with non-knitting and had totally forgotten about them. I recently found them and finished them.

Second FO: Nutkins, fun pattern with a mock cable and knit up in one of my favorite sock yarns Cherry Tree Hill Supersock merino in colorway Martha's Vineyard. The sock pattern was interesting because it was my first sock with no decreases. It has a interesting heel and toe (you use the same pattern for both) and you don't decrease the sock pattern (good I guess for patterns you don't want to mess up with decreases.

Third FO: Amy's Comforting Jail House Rock Socks, my friend Amy from college (who is a cancer survivor) dad was battling cancer. I knew I couldn't fix it or make it better but I knew I could knit her something. I decided on socks in my regular "vanilla pattern", she has size ten feet, so you know I love her. The yarn is Socks that Rock in Jail House Rock, she is a HUGE Elvis fan.

Fourth FO: Red Sox Socks, these were started last season when the Sox won the World Series, I decided to start the other sock when the season started this year in hopes that the good luck from last season wears off on this season. Color stranding on the top (so not my thing) with an after thought heel that ItShe helped me with via email.

Fifth FO: Branching Out Scarf, this will be a thank you present for my Auntie Bonnie for all the hard work she has put into planning our summer European vacation. The pattern wasn't too difficult (when I paid attention), would be a good beginner lace pattern, and it was nice to have a purl row every other row. The yarn was really nice Lorna's Laces Sport Multi, in colorway Tuscany (perfect for our trip).

Sixth FO: Baby Bolero for my co-worker's baby that is due in two weeks. Luckily I had a skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton in orchid because they don't know if it is a boy or girl. I decided to do the little heart pattern. I casted on and completely finished it (I sewed it together and even blocked it) all in the same day.

So I went from having 5 WIP to only 1, my mom's Tuscany Shawl, which I worked on last night even after starting and finishing the bolero. I can't wait to be done with it, I started with one repeat and now I'm up to 26.

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